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There are always 2 sides to every story. The most recent review with "my Dad living here since June 1st" is one side of the story. This is from a daughter that lives in California and NEVER ONCE set foot into Sarasota Point to visit her Father. I am the son and POA and live locally. No facility is perfect. But we are VERY happy with Dad's level of care. Dad in the "Lido" section and we love his primary Caryn and all the staff that looks after Dad. Stacy Norkin was our first point of contact and she answered all of our questions/concerns before we moved Dad into this location. Between my wife and I we are fortunate that we can visit Dad several times a week to pop in and make sure he is well cared for. Dad is a Dementia FALL RISK and the staff is constantly monitoring him and giving us updates. It takes a "village" to care for Dad and WHEN Dad had his heart attack in July and went to Sarasota Hospital they made SURE he was comfortable and able to recover fully upon his return. This "Sister" has been invited to join Dad's next Care plan meeting to get all of her questions answered from the staff via Zoom in 2 weeks.... Thank you Sarasota Point for working WITH us......
John Barringer
Her name is Joanna you wanna or Joanna Joanna does a super job very easy to get along with and knows her job and doesn’t well. From Evelyn Traver in room 421, 421.
Don Traver
I want to publicly thank the many healthcare providers and administrative staff at Sarasota Point for the care that David received while there over two years. I credit a lot of his recovery and well being today to the consistent care he received and importantly the willingness of the staff to listen and assist as needed. While not the newest facility, most of the rooms are large and all are on the ground floor with 99% having large windows. During Covid when access was limited, being able to see and speak with David through his window became very important. We sincerely appreciate all the staff who worked to help David with his recovery.
Tina Crosby
After my sister barely survived devastating hurricane Ian after falling alone in the dark on her flooded floor, unable to get up from weakness without her oxygen, her medications wet while her blood sugar levels skyrocketed she was found, transported to the Sarasota hospital, received surgery for a wound and soon needing skilled nursing care. After researching a list of possible skilled nursing facilities, Sarasota Point Rehabilitation Center was contacted. Amber quickly responded, answering questions and completing the arrangements for admission. She continues to provide excellent ongoing sound, professional, family-friendly and caring communication, while ensuring smoothly coordinated services to meet needs through nursing staff and the business office, where Lori has taken on my sister’s complicated insurance paperwork with amazing skill. Lori’s knowledge navigating through the process necessary to finally meet my sister’s multiple medical, physical, nursing and financial challenges is remarkable. My sister enjoys her meals and is making terrific progress. She praises care from several of her nurses and Mario, whom she notes as being compassionate and very helpful while adding a happy smile to her day. Indeed, Sarasota Point’s quality team exemplifies excellence in meeting my sister’s needs. I’m certain this team’s care, assistance and compassion creates great days for all who are in their skillful hands and for family members like myself. On behalf of my sister, we are grateful, appreciative, and thank each and every team member working together at Sarasota Point Rehabilitation Center: an excellent choice we recommend!
Marie Anne Smith
Calvin is amazing. Kind, compassionate and caring. The person at the front desk could be more jovial. Staff serms helpful and friendly.
Diane Frisbie
The staff at Sarasota Point are very dedicated, professional, warm and caring. This is a great center to go to for inpatient rehab or long-term care!
Tracy Greene
I was very impressed with the team at Sarasota Point when I was hired. They care greatly for each individual resident, and strive to ensure a positive work environment for the employees. In addition, the therapy department is phenomenal, working with each individual resident to get them back to the highest level of function. They take the time to understand what each person needs..
Laura Pucher
My 90 grandfather went here after he broke his femur. The staff was amazing and took wonderful care of him! They were all very organized, clean and helpful. Made a scary situation easier on him and the family. Would definitely recommend for your loved one in need. Kudos to the management team
Knickole Barger
Love the Therapy team here. A great group that can help anyone meet their goals and get back home !
Taylor Holt
Sarasota Point is an excellent choice for Rehabilitation due to their exceptional care provided by the team. We are a 5 Star Rated Building and we provide exceptional care to all of our residents. Therapy is equipped with State of the Art Equipment with excellent Functional Outcomes in a short length of stay.
Ellen Schaad
This is the first care facility that has taken above and beyond care for my mother. The staff is kind and compassionate and always willing to do whatever is needed for the patient and family’s interest. This is the first time in a year I have felt my mom is in a safe place thank you Sarasto Point for all your care for my mother
Melissa Smith
This facility is amazing, they care for their residents like they are family, they have the up most respect for the families of the patients! Everyone that works there is so nice and respectful and makes sure you know what goes on with your family member! I highly recommend Sarasota rehabilitation center to my friends for their loved ones! Keep up the great work to all the nurses and cna’s who take care of our families to make sure they are comfortable and have everything they need between their medicines or giving them a story about their younger days! Thank you so much for all you do!
Jessica Riedel
As a Health Care Professional for the past 25-years in the State of Florida I was extremely impressed with this beautiful Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center. I found the staff professional, kind and knowledgeable. This Center is clean with beautiful private suites. If you are searching for a 5-Star Quality Rehab and Nursing Care Center for your Senior family member or friend I highly recommend this Center. The new Administrator, Director of Nursing, Director of Admissions and other Team Members are amazing!!
Tom O'Neill